The Elements of Good Website Design

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Whether you’re building a business website or an individual one, there are some things you should consider. Your website should serve a purpose for your visitors. Your goal is to share a message, advance a goal, or boost sales. This means that your website must be easy to use, readable across different devices, and intuitive. Make sure your text is organized in easy-to-read chunks. On a smartphone, action buttons must be large and easy to click. On a tablet or mobile phone, navigation should take up the entire screen, and all of the user-intended actions should be easy to complete.

Use attractive images. You can also use micro animations to draw your visitors’ attention to a specific feature. These images can be moving infographics or screen recordings. You can also make your website more interactive by using a hero banner or a bulleted list. If you’re creating a product website, you can use CTAs on different areas. Cards are another visual design element. They are useful for grouping text and imagery into a single eye-catching feature. They help people digest content easier.

The user-experience is another important aspect of website design. If your visitors can navigate through a page easily, they’re more likely to return. Websites that take more than five seconds to load can have a 40% bounce rate. Your website’s speed will affect your SEO. For a fast-loading website, avoid flash items, music, or large file-size videos. A website that is aesthetically pleasing will attract visitors and keep them on your site longer.

What would be the most expensive aspect of delivering a website? A large corporation will be spending millions of dollars to create an exceptional web portal that will generate strong returns. For a small and medium-sized business, however, this may only involve a few hundred pounds or a couple thousand dollars. Besides content, the cost of building a website can be a bit higher. Custom animations, icons, and Responsiveness will also cost money.

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While the price of a website may seem unimportant, the most expensive part is usually the content. While design plays an important role, content drives sales. Moreover, a website that focuses on content will achieve better rankings in search engines, drive more traffic, and establish your company as an expert. Here are some tips to keep the content cost low. Before you start designing your website, consider a few factors:


In addition to the monetary costs of creating a responsive website, responsive design is a requirement for appealing to today’s audience. Responsive design separates the versions of a site depending on the device used to access it. A desktop version will load, while a mobile-optimized site will load. The flexibility of responsive design makes it easier to promote your website and maintain it as it changes with different screen sizes.

A responsive website automatically adjusts itself based on the size of a user’s device. It also doesn’t need a separate mobile site. Google won’t index mobile sites separately. A responsive website is also easy to update — it’s easy to make minor changes or fix typos. It’s worth the cost, but you won’t need to worry about maintenance costs, as it’s one website design that will work on all devices.

Responsive websites use media queries to alter their layout depending on the user’s device. Instead of a one-size-fits-all HTML markup, responsive websites use flexible grid layouts and breakpoints to automatically adapt to any size of screen. Responsiveness is also the most expensive part of a web design. As a result, it’s not the only benefit.

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The most important aspect of a web design is responsiveness. The user experience of a site is extremely important to business owners. If a website is difficult to navigate, users will lose interest. When a website is slow to load, it will appear unprofessional. Responsiveness improves the user experience by preventing scrolling. This improves the overall impression of your website and company.

Custom animations

While custom animations are a nice touch, they aren’t cheap. Developers spend considerable time replicating a designer’s vision in HTML code and dealing with the limitations of several web browsers. Because of this, a custom animation will likely increase the price of a web design. Generally speaking, a 10-page website with two or three complex animations can cost upwards of $2,000, with even more if the site has many features.

When done correctly, however, animations are well worth the investment. They can make a site appear alive and evoke feelings. A website with animations has a better chance of winning over customers. Examples of websites with animated content include Sergey Mahno, Aiia, and Fcinq. However, these effects can be expensive, requiring weeks of design and front-end development.

Another type of animation is the sliding gallery. Most visitors don’t realize they are watching an animation when they view a gallery. A jarring transition between images isn’t a good user experience. An animated slider can make a gallery more user-friendly. For example, a slideshow on a website can feature testimonials from satisfied customers. Custom animations are often the most expensive aspect of a web design.

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When custom animations are included in a website, it can also increase its overall performance. When done incorrectly, they can lead to poor performance and variable frame rates. A custom animation is the most expensive part of a web design, but it is often worth the money. It is worth it to invest in a video animation company if you want to stand out from the competition. So what should you look for?

Custom icons

It’s possible to save money on custom icons by using existing assets. There are many resources that allow you to download free icons. Iconfinder, for example, is a site that aggregates icons from designers all over the world. You can browse and download icons in different styles, colors, and sizes. If you need a more complex icon, you can pay for a full pack of icons.

To save money, look for an icon library designed by an independent designer. There are thousands of these icons available on Iconscout. The library includes scalable, clean vector files, and free and premium icons. Most of these icons are free to use and maintain, and most of them are free. Some websites even charge for custom icons. However, the price can be well worth it if you use a professional.

In addition to free icon resources, paid icon packs also come with a variety of different formats. Iconmonstr offers 4400+ icons in various file formats. You can download the icons you like in many different formats, including ICO and PSD. They’re available for commercial and personal use. Icons on Iconmonstr can be used in a variety of ways, including on web pages. They’re also optimized for web use.

Another free icon pack is Streamline Icons. It has over thirty thousand vector icons in 53 categories. It also offers free CDN, and clear documentation. You can even customize the icon pack to fit your brand. Streamline Icons is an excellent icon pack that comes with an open source license. The free icons are categorized by category and available in a number of file formats. Custom icons are a great way to make your web design look more professional.

Number of pages

One of the most critical factors to consider in a web design is the number of pages it needs. If you’re designing a simple, three-page site, it’s probably cheaper than creating a 100-page e-commerce website. On the other hand, if you’re building a website for an e-commerce business, the number of pages can be even larger and pose navigational problems. While a three-page website requires little planning, a hundred-page e-commerce site can be even more complex, requiring page categorization.

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The Elements of Good Website Design
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